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Franchise Power TipsSeven Secrets for Conducting Successful Goal Setting Meetings


Last month I shared a Goal Setting Worksheet with you and discussed  the “Language of Goal Setting” (i.e. the terms used in goal setting). We will build on that information this month  with the Seven Secrets for Conducting Successful Franchise Goal Setting Meetings.

Yes, it's true. You may already know many of these "secrets." It has been my experience, however, that the most obvious things to help your franchise are those most often overlooked. This holds true for goal setting and running a successful and productive meeting with your franchisees, as well as your internal team.
With this in mind - when do you think a goal setting meeting should occur? Consider the following:

  • Meet with your franchise investors to discuss needed improvements to the franchise system.
  • Meet with your corporate franchise team to set annual goals.
  • Meet with your Franchisee Advisory Committee to discuss current and future franchise system goals.
  • Meet with your staff or employees to set yearly goals and expectations.
  • Meet any other time when franchise performance improvement is needed.


Seven Secrets for Conducting Successful Goal Setting Meetings

Secret #1 - Prepare

Familiarize yourself with the Goal Setting worksheet. Create an agenda and communicate it ahead of time along with the place and time of the meeting. Meeting attendees appreciate the information and it looks like you are organized!  Most people want to contribute and feel part of the franchise team. Make sure all the people who can help you succeed are present. To assist you in your preparation, I have provided a Meeting Planner for your use in preparation for the goal setting meeting.

Secret #2 - Start on time.

Everyone's time is valuable. Don't waste it.

Secret #3 - Thank them.

Thank them for attending and for their continued support. Let them know why their contribution is important. (You couldn't do it without them. Right?)

Secret #4 - Explain why...

Explain "why" you need their participation. (Because they are the implementers of the Plan.) Most people want to know "why" they are being asked to do something. Their participation in the process will ensure that the goals are met successfully.

Secret #5 - Share the vision for the franchise.

Share the franchise vision and goals for the year. Be specific. Explain the long-term advantage of the goals. For example: improve customer satisfaction because sales are down and customer service feedback has been below average.

Secret #6 - Facilitate (as in guide, not push) the process.

The meeting leader defines the goal (what it is). The meeting attendees participate in identifying the possible strategies to achieve the goal. Insist that they come up with some of the "strategies" for achieving the goals, as well as the milestones. Use prompts such as: "What have you seen that could help us improve customer satisfaction? (This enables buy-in and the goal becomes more acceptable to them). Have them identify their major obstacles in achieving the goals. (This opens a dialogue that eliminates future problems and creates more "realistic" goals.)

Secret #7 - Give them time.

Provide time to work on goals independently before a second meeting is called to finalize the annual goals. They need time to complete the worksheet and identify contingency plans, resources, and possible sources of help.

Rome wasn't built in a day and successful goals aren't developed in one hour.

Now you have had a successful goal setting meeting with goals that meet an age old criteria - SMART goals. SMART goals are specific, measurable, acceptable, realistic, and time bound. For the most part, the executives determine the specific goal and measures and suggest a target date. In collaboration the team determines the strategies and measures, and enables are realistic the target date.  They key is to provide for a collaborative process.

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