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Downloadable Articles written by Paula Powers. PDF format. Requires Acrobat Reader.
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Downloadable Articles written by Paula Powers. PDF format. Requires Acrobat Reader.
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Six Ways to Revitalize Your Operations Manual

Franchising World - Sept 2005

This article presents six easy ways to improve the usability of an existing operations manual. If your operations manual is not being used, chances are it is either not up to date, missing key pieces of information or is just plain boring. These easy to use tips will help “revitalize” your manuals.

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Electronic Manuals –
Higher Tech, Higher Value

Franchise Update – Issue II 2005

If you have ever thought about migrating your paper-based manuals to an “electronic library” on your company’s website, then this is the article to read. An operations manual that is designed for web delivery is organized very differently from a paper-based manual. Five critical steps are outlined to assist you in preparing manuals that will be available from the Internet.

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Synopsis of Ruth Clark’s article - Six Media Element Principles

This white paper is a summary of an excellent article by Ruth Clark, well-known instructional design expert, that appeared in the eLearning Developer’s Journal in 2002. The summary highlights the research she has done on the use of graphics, text, and audio and their relationships to building effective Elearning.

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Sample Courses

Downloadable Samples in PDF format. Requires registration and password. If you do not have a password, please Register Here.

Performance Consulting


This sample is a customized two-hour workshop - "Surviving and Thriving During Change." It was designed to be used during a time of reorganization when employees were anxious about job stability, unsure of the company's direction and morale was low.



This assessment tool was created for managers and the people with whom they interact to assess the development level of five competencies considered important for coaching success.


Job Skills Matrix

This handy Job Skills Matrix will assist you in reviewing employees' job responsibilities and in matching them with their demonstrated skills when you hire, promote, or replace an employee, or when you change shift responsibilities.

Customized Courseware


This four-hour workshop - "Capitalizing on an Inclusive Workforce" was developed for a dynamic high-tech company with a diverse workforce and an entrepreneurial culture. It focuses on identifying the business-based reasons for capitalizing on an inclusive workforce and provides case studies and exercises to develop greater understanding between participants. A partial copy of the participant's workbook is presented here.

Customized Self-Study


This self-study was one of a series developed to assist the restaurant general managers of a world wide organization in improving their time management skills. The content was customized to their needs. A portion of the book is offered here. You will find the sections used in all the self-studies as well a specific section on delegation.

Team Facilitation

Goal Setting

This job aid was developed to assist individual employees as well as teams determine their team goals. These team and indiviual goals needed to link with the company's goals and objectives.

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