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Build Up

You’ve put in the time, made the investment and are now ready to strengthen the foundation you’ve built your franchise on.  For those franchisors who want to provide their franchisees with the best support and rapid expansion, the Build Up franchise coaching package is designed for you.

Build Up is for your franchise if you:

  • Want a more proficient and profitable franchise by customizing an operations manual and training system.
  • Want an experienced professional to customize your operations manuals and help create an operational system that reflects your franchise’s best image.
  • Want to integrate and link your training into the operations manual in a dynamic way.
  • Seek a totally interactive on-line operations manual and want it done right and on budget.
  • Value educating, training and growing your franchisees.
  • You have been thinking about transitioning your operations manual to a company Intranet, but can’t seem to find time to focus on it and need answers.
  • You want to capture and implement best practices and establish a procedure to do this in the future
  • Have a franchise that is at least 5 years old and experiencing growing pains.
  • Your corporate strategy is to rapidly expand in the next five years and you want the tools to make that happen.
  • You prefer “hands-on” help as well as direct access to a professional franchise consultant.

Do any of these sound familiar? We thought so. And guess what, you’re not alone. For over 20 years we have been helping, guiding, supporting, and providing timely and affordable tools and services to franchisors and other successful businesses when they needed it most.

Our experience collaborating with franchisors, just like yourself, has allowed us solid foundation to design our Franchise Coaching Packages to match the various stages of the franchise business development.

No matter which package fits you and your franchise, our process remains the same with each package. However, a new franchise requires different assistance compared to the more established a mature franchise, which is why you will find the fees and the deliverables different with each package.


Package Term: 6 months
(minimum of 2 site visits)

20 hours of consultation/development a month:

2.0 – Initial call to understand your franchise concept, strategic goals, timeline, and review existing documentation and training.

10.0 – Coaching/Development – to provide direction and assistance as to the best customized options for your franchise. Possibilities include: standardizing key processes, determining "best practices" and communicating them, measuring existing training, developing innovative training solutions to link your manuals and training materials and reinforce strategic goals.

8.0 – Site visit and Action Plan with milestones to insure your franchise project success.

Fees: Will vary for each project



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"Power Training & Development created our comprehensive training program which communicates our passion and commitment. It serves as a foundation of support for our franchise partners and company-owned units. They are caring, approachable, and professional."

Steve Gratz
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